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L.P. Inflator Hose Bull clip Viton®Green O-rings-610 Sh75

6/8/2021· Special size Viton® O-ring for Low Pressure BCD''s bull clip inflator hose that is situated under the schrader valve. Viton Green O-rings Sh75-610 Qty: 50 O-rings Rated for 100% Oxygen ID X CS: 6,75 mm x 1,78 MARES part no: 46110106 . [email protected]; Log In / My Account; Contact; Home; About; Shop. O-rings & Parts per Brand. S.G Parts for Scubapro; S.G. Parts for APEKS; S.G. Parts for

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Trident Tire Inflator for LPI Hose $ 18.95 This handy accessory attaches to any standard BCD hose fitting allowing you to inflate your tire, innertube, buoy, etc. virtually anything with a standard tire inflator nozzle, using your air tank!


The Aqualung Soul i3 BCD features swiveling shoulder buckles that allow the shoulder straps to fit perfectly every time, increasing comfort and security. i3 technology allows you to control your buoyancy with absolute precision. A traditional LPI is replaced with a robust lever that is also in the same position. Simply pull up to air to the BCD and push down to release air from all dump valves

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10/5/2017· The most I''ve paid for a LPI was $40 and all my rubber hoses get swapped out every couple years anyways just as a precaution. They are cheap enough that I''d just rather not risk a leak. All of my inflators are the same now though since I got rid of my air II that was a larger diameter than the standard inflators. On the off chance that your inflator hose doesn''t fit a rental they can probably

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18/5/2021· Comes with integrated clips to keep the LPI hose streamlined. Two zip operated pockets – left has a deep capacity, extendable pocket. Height-adjustable chest strap to avoid it running over the top of the drysuit inflation valve. Knife attachment with grommets found on left pocket – this accommodates AquaLung squeeze-lock knives. Dual bladder retraction system to prevent excess drag. Able

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The PADI Rebreather Unit Register is a register of rebreather manufacturers and their units that have been submitted to PADI as suitable to be used on PADI Courses. This list gives a full overview of the Type R (Recreational) and Type T (Technical CCR) rebreathers which can be …

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Just want to add one point: If you are diving a drysuit, it is run from the left post (opposite that of the LPI hose) to offer a redundant means of buoyancy should you need to close the right post. 3. Share . Report Save. Continue this thread level 2. Op · 8y. Thanks for the fantastically detailed answers. I appreciate you taking the time to write it out! The context definitely helps answer

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6inch/15cm or 9inch/23cm Hp hoses with bootless compact or standard SPG''s; Stainless Steel (SS) clips or bungee necklace to secure second stages; 6inch/15cm or 9inch/23cm LPI hose; For mixed teams: Same as above but right tank features a 7ft/2m long hose ; Tank mounting: SS hose clamps or cam bands with SS clips to secure lower end of the tank; Bungee Cord to secure tank valve close to the

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Dive Gear Express suggests replacing all SCUBA hoses every five years or 500 dives, whichever comes first. Choosing the Best Inflation Hose Length. For BC power inflator hoses with the ordinary quick-disconnect Schrader fitting, the most common length seen on the ''jacket'' style BC is {26 in | 66 cm} or {28 in | 71 cm} because the large-diameter corrugated hose length is relatively long and

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6/2/2004· The attachment it a standard LPI. The manual O2 feed was machined from a basic BC inflator. The fittings are standard 3/8 th so can be used with any hoses. ALL hoses on the unit are made from off the shelf LPI inflator hoses so can be easily changed in the field.


100cm is also a good length for a drysuit hose from a single cylinder. All you need is a connector to turn this into a QD LPI Hose. Longer hoses are usually prefered for an alternate hose so you can donate to a diver and have some space to move. For a single cylinder primary donate most divers use a 150cm hose for twins on a similar DIR setup

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How It’s Done: Pull the BCD connector backward to release the LPI hose from the BCD inflator. Establish neutral buoyancy. Let your buddy know what is happening, and prepare to simulate an ascent. If directed to do so by your instructor, orally inflate the BCD as a response to disconnecting the LPI. Reattach the LPI hose. Unit 8 of 9.

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13/9/2021· 4. Octopus set (Containing your primary regulator, secondary regulator, SPG and LPI hose. 5. Wetsuit, drysuit, or even shorts and a t-shirt (Depends on the water temperatures, for a hot and sunny place like San Andreas, rash-vest and a pair of shorts work wonders 🙂) 6. Dive boots (If you''re not using slip-on fins) and gloves. 7. Dive hood

: Aqua Lung Powerline 2 Inflator For BCD

: Aqua Lung Powerline 2 Inflator For BCD : Sports & Outdoors Scuba Choice Scuba Diving 350PSI Low Pressure LP Hose for Standard BCD, 28" 4.6 out of 5 stars 86. 2 offers from $20.45. Scuba BCD Low Pressure Power Inflator - Standard. 3.9 out of 5 stars 4. 1 offer from $24.95. Next page. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Previous page

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Aqualung – LPI Braided Hose 83cm; R 760.00; Rated 0 out of 5. Low Pressure Inflator Hose Braided Flex Hose 3/8 Black 33" - 83cm Length; Add to cart; Quick View. Quick View. Hard Gear, Hoses; DiveFlex LP BC Hose 56cm; R 390.00; Rated 0 out of 5. 56 cm Braided for strength and flexibility Extra strong EN250 certified Available in 7 colours Manufactured in Barcelona – Spain; Select options

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All high pressure SCUBA hoses use an air spool with two tiny #003 O-rings to mate the swivel connector on the hose fitting to the male gauge fitting. If the air spool O-rings are worn, the assely can have a slow leak around the swivel. Even when an O-ring has failed completely or the spool is omitted entirely, a tiny flow restriction present in the high pressure port of the

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Standard 30'' (74cm) robust rubber LPI hose for your BCD. All LearnTo Scuba Dive. Call Us Now: 1-800-DIVE-398. See Complete Details. Diving Locker. Dive Courses; Dive Trips; Shop Online; Testimonials; Information. Loyalty Program; My Account; Shipping and Return Policy; Cancellation Policy; Contact Information . 2745 West 4th Ave. Vancouver B.C, Canada V6K 1P9. Phone: 604-736-2681. …

Miflex hoses and omniswivel adaptors for diving in Cyprus

MIFLEX Hoses. Scuba Tech Diving Centre are the main dealer for Miflex hoses in Cyprus. We offer the complete range to the trade and retail. Miflex is now affiliated with OMNISWIVEL Products and Archon Lights which are now available in Cyprus, from Scuba Tech. An XTREME Performer. With an average lifespan approximately 3 times longer than traditional hoses, Miflex Hoses have excellent


The lpi hose is routed behind the diver’s neck, along the corrugated hose, and connects to the inflator mechanism. The length of the lpi hose will vary depending on the length of the wing’s corrugated hose. The lpi hose length should be so that it''s not so too long, where it has a large “loop”, or “pushes” the corrugated hose down, nor too short, “pulling” the corrugated hose

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Browse Australia''s largest selection of Scubapro gear online! Scubapro is the world''s most iconic brand of diving hardware, especially popular for the reliability and performance of the regulator range, with flagship performers like the MK25 Evo / S600 coination and the environmentally sealed MK17 Evo / G260 coination!. Scubapro has been the go to brand in the industry, since it was

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Do not attach a LPI hose to a scuba regulator high pressure (HP) port or to an air supply with pressure in excess of 200 psi (13.8 bar). This may result in damage or explosive failure of the inflation valve or low pressure hose, which could result in injury or death. 6 WWW .GIUN .C OM 1 General Information 1.4 Inspection and handling of the BAT Wing Pre-dive, dive and post-dive BAT wing

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5/12/2003· hose on the remnants of Aqualung LPO that I destroyed in frustration at its poor performance: 400psi LPI hose that came with SeaQuest BCD: 20bar/300psi no-name LPI hose with better grip quick disconnect: markings worn off. At least in my gear, neither 250 nor 350psi rating appears. Actual IP setting on most firsts is around 130 to 150psi, but a slightly leaking HP seat will …

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Deep Blue safety balloon with bag. ฿450. Surface Buoy Round-Aqualung. Aqualung Round Marker Buoy is a spherical PVC buoy that comes complete with a flag and a 25 metre line. ฿850. Surface Marker Pocket Buoy. Pocket Buoy The pocket buoy surface market Ideal for your diving holiday when weight and space are limited.

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7/8/2019· LPI hose (if using redundant bladder design) or dry-suit hose. Long-hose regulator (5’-7’), with bolt-snap for securing. The use of a right-angle adaptor may be considered on the left-side regulator, or both, of hose-routing, creates a pull on the regulator and strains the diver’s jaw.

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Beuchat service kit 1st stage V8-V80-V10 V200 & V100. Ref :16544 August 18, 2019

Analox BCD Flow Restrictor 9300-1500 - LeisurePro

Sometimes analyzing your air directly from the Scuba valve can be a bit tedious. High pressure air is not as manageable as is low pressure air from your BCD inflator hose. The Analox BCD Flow Restrictor helps reduce air flow to manageable level allowing you to analyze your gas percentages easily. Designed for use with an Analox analyzer, this lightweight and durable restrictor is made from

Scuba Tech Tips: Cannot Connect BCD LPI Hose - S11E22

The LPI (Low Power Inflator) hose is a critical to the BCD but sometimes will not connect easily. Alec shares his tips to fix LPI hose connecting problems.

O-Ring Size Charts: AS568 & Metric | Global O-Ring and Seal

However, With the exception of our AS568 Size Chart, our other size reference charts do not list tolerances, as these tend to vary between the standards issuing organizations. To view the size tolerances for the o-rings we sell, please refer to either the AS568 Size Chart for American Standard Sizes, or our Metric O-Ring Tolerances page for all

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You end up needing a special hose (it''s not a standard LPI hose for any of the ones I am familiar with) which means you can''t easily swap out a regulator or BCD if there is a problem- you to change hoses as well. LPI/Octo coinations are a solution in search of a problem. If you ever want to teach you end up needing an octo anyway. If you get into more advanced diving you''re going to ditch it

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At no time should you consider cutting your scuba hose and reconnecting any type of fitting to the hose, or to try and reconnect the hose fittings, as this will reduce all safety in your hose. All Miflex hoses are patented and manufactured with fittings specifically designed for purpose and then during the manufacturing process are individually tested to ensure each and every product is of the